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There is a legend that runs deep throughout the city of Chicago. To get to the bottom of this legend, we must journey back nearly two decades to a South Side street corner near 69th and Calumet. It is here that the original Uncle John’s Barbecue began its operation. As the doors swung open, Pit Master himself Mack Seveir awaited on the other side with enough ribs and special sauce to feed any appetite. And so there it began. 

The next day customers continued to show up, this time with family, friends, and more family. Given the small, “hole in the wall” establishment, lines formed outside the door and onto the sidewalk as the word was officially out -- Uncle John’s was a flavor that had to be tasted. 

Years later, the word has continued to spread miles and miles away. 

"Throw the fries on the bottom, the meat on top; put sauce on it, throw the white bread on it so you can pick up a little bit of the sauce"

- Darryl Townsend, Owner

Today the original smell and flavor of Uncle John’s continues to pour into the neighborhood near 69th & Cottage Grove. Through new ownership, and a new home, customers continue to show up every day to experience the legend that they heard about so many years ago.


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